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Turning Point! Addicted to Romance Series

precious US ...629 days ago
I feel excited about this. I know you don't but don't worry, you soon will especially if you are following just as am starting.

Kinwap literature zone has been down for so long and this novel is meant to entertain kins. If you love reading, you're really gonna love Turning Point!

I must say that you should check out Addiction- an awesome Romance Novel, if you haven't read it already.

I wanna believe there are no kids in here. Matured minds only are allowed on this ride on turning point.

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precious US ...629 days ago
After much Cajoling ,begging ,pleading, buying and application of CharlesNneji Bang rules, sorting for help from nairaland through the topic " How to make Girl visit you". , seeking elderly advice ,even to the extent of spiritual consultations ,Ichinbong agreed to Finally con see my for house..

After three hours of Intense house cleaning,mopping,cowweb removing,scrubbing,washing,dusting,arranging and resetting, .i was finally ready to receive this beautiful opeke,thin,figure 8 ,bootilicious and hourglass angel called Ichinbong

...Oh i got a feeling that today's gonna be a good day.. if dem talk say today go come,i go say na lie.My whole body no dey balance through out the day as the whole system just day vibrate.

The thought of what i will do to ichinbong that day just dey drive me crazy. Chai. Today na TodAy """ Sebi person way go lost, no go hear hunter whistle.
Not knowing that the event of that visit would change my life completely.

Episode One.

As a Young ,handsome ,sexy and extremely appealing guy wey i be, Tall, deliciously handsome and breathtaking with 6 packs ,light in complexion as i con add pink lips join with a perfect gap tooth..i get Davido dimple,kiss Daniel lips,iyanya's body.wizkid Skin ,Lynnx height and Korede bello eyes...To get any babe for myself no be my probelm at all.

Infact,I no dey talk much or spend a lot of money before i get babes..To the extent that ladies wey they always form hard to get for other guys .na dem day toast me by demselves.

I no fit count the amount of pms and Dms wey famous girls for nairaland,twitter and other social sites don send me ,some go to the extent of nudes,some money and some guys go even use my picture do Dp because they know once girls see am,dem go fall.,.To cut the long story short,am a Ladies man .

No be say i too get money like that as my papa na primary school teacher but no girl wey i approach wey don ever let me down before.. Some dey even think say na jazz... I was very fresh and always fly hence earning the nickname " Angel "..

Infact,a particular girlfriend of the ruthless Capon of a cult group wanted me to tear her back then and ... as a sharp guy .i chop the fine babe finish and she still pay me join...The Capon with hin boys con attack me for house but as he see say na me. Him hand just Fall '.

Episode 2 ( The Challenge )

Girls knew i was a player.but still fell for me as i was simply irresistible. ..Every girl wanted me..As i dey tear miss campus, na hin i dey tear female lecturers. Black,yellow.chocolate ,white. and half yellow half black girls.

Tall o ,short o. Lepa and orobo,Born again or olosho even enter Pregnant ladies and Handicapped chicks sef. i was very ruthless in my dealings. It was not my fault, dey just kept coming !!

So i dey very Suprised when my guys be dey talk say one big girl dey 100 level wey nobody done see crack.All of my guys don try crack the babe ,to no avail.As usual,na me be the last resort... They knew no girl dare refuse me !!!!

But this time, day seem a little bit skeptical .. Four of my guys ,Kingsley1000,richhommie ,profojah and Yinkss1 even bet 10 000 naira each ,say if i fit get the girl to visit me,con tear am and record am or give any evidence sey na true true...dem go give me the 40k..

Make hin no be like say dem no bet too,Seun and lalasticlala sef follow bet 500 naira each making all together 41 k. . i no straff,i pay money. I straff i collect Easy money abeg !!

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precious US ...629 days ago
Episode 3 ( Research and approach )

They all seem confident that she wouldn't bulge and me sef wasnt bothered nor worried either .How many years we don day for this game way wan small girl go day prove hard .100 level for that matter.

" Just give me 7 days ,na 7 days i need" i boasted.. me i no kuku know say na Fish bone wey go later hook me for neck Ichinbong be.

100 level,history edu...100 level..Haha..This my guys don dey f up ooo. Ordinary 100 level babe. Without wasting time,i set out to hunt.

Am not rich but i dey always package myself.. .. Soon i go get details about the girl.

And truely as dem described am na hin i meet am. Ichinbong was actually beautiful ,white teeth,chubby cheeks ,figure 8,chocolate , skin wey fresh pass omotola and geneinnve .i no mean to exaggerate and all that crazy things way confam babe dey get,.I sabi say una guys fit relate. Wetin we never do...We don do people wey fine pass am so wetin dey cause hullabaloo.??

Episode 3

However one thing wey con stand out for this babe the backyard..Oh My God..It was a body on its own..Not about sey he big but the way wey d thing take curve. Choi...This one na better food wey person must not to miss.

During my research, i notice say d babe na one kind Babe that is inbetween.She no too jar and she no too spiritual.She just balance for middle. She dey flex small and dey follow God small.Perfect...No wonder Guys dey chase am make dem see am chop i don come..The james bond wey go accomplish d mission..

After much study, i finally had to the opportunity to corner the babe after a lecture and as expected ,the response bam.
" Hi " i smiled,exposing my perfect . sparkling white ,gap tooth ...con wink korede bello wink join..

" Hi ...Boo right ?? cute smile " The girl bin respond as she stretched her hands to shake me..
" Yea ..
" Am Ichinbong Peters " She said ...softly rubbing my hands with the other hand and smiling seductively..

Shey i no tell una before.Am just too charming .. Abi i tell una say dem no born any babe well. Dem con talk say she dey form... Form for who ?? Form nkor, Register ni.

Na so i begin ... I kukuma get English for mouth though na 4 carryovers i still get, how i go no book wey girls,boy and transgenders alike no go allow me rest ??

I started flowing.i dey drop punchline she dey laugh..I notice say the guys wey pass dat corner dey look us . Most guys dey use hand dey hail me,then give me thumbs up as per oga wey i be .The girls like punkyveer,missspicy,Vinshu ,prettythicksme dey shake head as per d level say na most of them i don tear thoroughly and expertly,.con drop them...the same fate they know awaits Ichinbong
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precious US ...629 days ago
Episode 4

As i flow reach one stage,i decide say make i drop d knockout .. i ask her the number she day use wey dey active on whatsapp ..

" Why " She asked surprised ..

No chick don ask me that kind yeye question before.. Why ?? I wan use am play lottery ni. Haha. see this girl o ,me wey be say Even before i finish toasting,na girls bin dey ask for my own number..

I first shock at d question as i bin open teeth down but as per experience, i sharply give am reply....

" was just chatting with u Now ..u kept me company ""..So because i gave u d chance for us to speak ,u believe u have the effrontry to Ask for my number " She said frowning

I no sabi whether na joke she dey joke but the way lines day comot for her cheek. He be like say she wan serious small.

" No calm down"
" Calm what down " .. I cant give u my number oo.Infact.i dont have a phone.
" Haha as big as you,u dont have a phone
" are u insinuating i am a pauper "
" No"

Episode 5

" Lol . .. look at his face just joking now..
" Haha " i smiled....
" I was just pulling your legs

" 08076 ......( I for type d full number but funny enough ,some guys fit dey try call d number later so I no go put am.)

She delightfully called her number as i typed it and saved it on my broken Tecno N1 phone.. We talk some other unimportant stuffs and she left..This girl should be interesting.

..I got her number or i no get am ?? I tell una say i be bad guy .no be today .Na me na , na Angel dey talk.!!

..I got home and messaged the babe as i no get credit to call even if i wan borrow, i dey own MTN 200 naira already.

When she come online,i sharply message am..she reply sharply.. Haha.Nice one..I dey throw am,she dey catch am..I day throw am..she day hug am.. what are u wearing ?? She reply.. How are u feeling i no say my bad guys go sabi all this intro naw.

In my usual manner, as d thing day sweet day go.i sharply turn am to sex chat as i ask am to send me a picture of herself in bra.Other girls i no day ask them, dem go just send am but e be like say this one day wait for me first..So if moses no go mountain, mountain gats come meet moses.
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precious US ...629 days ago
I'll be right back guys... Who's got the 1st comment on this thread?
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holuwasheyi US ...629 days ago
Nice novel.....I hope you finish this cus I've been waiting for ages for the final episode of addiction......thumbs up bro
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precious US ...629 days ago
[quote=holuwasheyi]Nice novel.....I hope you finish this cus I've been waiting for ages for the final episode of addiction......thumbs up bro[/quote]Cool. Thanks for coming on the ride and fire being the first. Hope other ghost readers skip out of their ghost mode!
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Persie AFRIC ...629 days ago
I hope u r not goin to make dis half done as u did with addiction?
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precious US ...629 days ago
[quote=Persie]I hope u r not goin to make dis half done as u did with addiction?[/quote]

Trust me, I won't.
Let's ride!
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precious US ...629 days ago
Episode 6

" Baby u still there " 4 30pm

" Are you there " 5 pm
"Hey " 5 30pm

15 mins pass she no reply..30 mins...maybe na her battery die or she busy.. I chill small.

..One of the other babes ( side chicks) ,Rokiatu ,come visit me, .i tear that one without an iota of mercy,send am comot with okada. That one just dey force herself on me sotey i don tire sef. All through that period of tearing, na Ichinbong me i just day think of.

2 hrs, E be like say she don dey online, I send am again...she no reply.

. Omo e be like say i don f up ..i no suppose rush am like that. Considering say d Girl na half SU ,half bad girl.. I message am like 4 times again,she go read ,the thing go comot double blue tick.yet she no go reply..Haa..i gats see am for school tomorrow be that... But wetin we carry, wetin she throw

Episode 7

Again.,I met with this girl the 2nd time,Day 2.
This time,i went to borrow some nicer clothes from my padi Richie0974 and better perfume other than d Northerner perfume wey fit last for 3 days wey i dey use before.

..I wear my confam black alobam shirt ,with better carrot jeans,my rayban glasses con finish work with my dolce and gabbana palm slippers . as i no get wristwatch ,i wear my shabala. Hmmn una day feel d Combination abi... una see as everything set..Even Omotola sef no fit see me now,make she no trip..

Coupled with the chains.blings and my new 100% swag.i know say she suppose trip better.

I saw her coming with two of her friends.Omo why fine girls day always pick wowor girls as friends sef ??

" Hey"
" Hey" .. one of the Friends blushed smiling in reply..
" Can i see u ""
" Me "" ..
She talk as she place hand for chest smiling seriously like person wey hit jackpot.

" No not u..ichinbong "
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precious US ...629 days ago
Episode 8

I could see d look of despair on The girl's face..She was not bad but na everybody get hin time..The time is not for her parole.

The other 3rd friend , joke134 ,no gree greet me as i don tear that one with cold pure water and gala like 3 times ,.Each of the time ,i never enjoyed it as her kpetus don deep pass community well.

I hope Seeing this babe dey waka with Ichinbong will not ruin my chances oo..make she no use her bad luck destroy my own plans.

" Me " Ichinbong said ..

See this idiot ooo.Abi wetin day do this chick sef !

" Yes you "
" Ok pls i dont have much time,i have to visit the Fellowship.

" No i wont take your time " i said, still stunned by this girls unbelievable stubbornness.

I apologized for wetin happen for wetin happen and set to the business trying to pacify her..This time,the babe no laugh, she no smile.she just kept checking her time and waving to her friends to calm down..

" Are you through '" She asked rudely after my I son talk all my punchlines, metaphors and wordplays.

Episode 9

" Boo abi boot ,abi na Goat or what did you call yourself , pls stay away from me.

" But
" Heyy heyy" Hold it" Have heard about all your sexcapades " U are looking for your next victim abi"She screamed.

The Lord of Deborah.Ruth and Esther that i serve will not allow u destroy my life " She said as She use winks insult me.

The 3rd girl . Joke 134 face just beamed as she burst into a sarcastic laughter.It could be nobody but her responsible for this misfortune.

i was stunned..I have never been this embarrassed. Few people were around and soon ,dem soboleyoke and olofofos started peeping..

" Whats wrong with u baby,dont u know
" Know my foot "" ..See i dont want to insult you..just Stay out of my way .. Pervert. Fool "she said as she waka go meet her friends and they walked hastily away..The 1st friend kind of felt pity for me and am sure she wished say na she i approach..The 3rd girl just dey laugh like Burnt goat ..
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precious US ...629 days ago
Next update rolls in with the next comment!
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holuwasheyi US ...628 days ago
This is interesting!!Carry on pls
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Peterupeter AFRIC ...628 days ago
interestin pls ride on
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precious US ...628 days ago
[quote=Peterupeter]interestin pls ride on[/quote]you're new here. Welcome.
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precious US ...628 days ago
Episode 10

I stood there holding my hands down my waist. I put on my dark glasses.,looked around and left the scenario

I could not but reflect on the events of that day..Ichinbong round ,well packed ,watermelon.Nicki minaj like Bongu" kept springing up in my head.The thing wey be like health 5 ball insyd d tight mini Skirt kept dancing from left to right as she left with her friends .

Could this girl be a real SU ?? with all these tight tight cloth and this kind of Massive yansh ?? Shey pastor sef no day look the thing !!!

But this one wey this girl dey do so ?? Na hard to get she dey form jare..Some of my catches too had behave like that at first.At least i still have 4 days to go.....Ichinbong ...Na me and u for this matter.

The Experience of The 3rd day was even Worst...

Episode 11

The Experience of The 3rd day was even Worst.

I be reason say d Cloth wey i borrow from Richie0974 na hin spoil d first package as d clothes bin don wan fade small.The guy don dye d cloth die plus d starch no show wella as na charcoal iron i use press am.

This time na ,i go find clothes from biitchamme. As per say he go collect money,i give am 1500 tell am say if d package click, i go pay the 1k balance. .Afterall,if i use d cloth get d babe finish,na 40k i go get . So 2500 na shikini money abeg.

I Wear d Black Hat ,Dat kind jonathan jalameha wey he day always wear. come add Better aba shoe join am . After all,person no suppose dress like our hero, Goodluck Jonathan. make babe still shun person. .

I con add ear piece dey jam Chancit's dont u dare .Make dis girl no dare me oo. As if that say all this wan go salvage situation,it only added salt to d wound sef.

. Shey una go believe say this girl wooze me slap for face.. Yes Slap..

Episode 12

Slap wey my mama never slap me before ?? The kind slap wey dem dey call destiny reset..The kind slap wey dey make everything for your Front turn double..The kind slap wey your ear go day hear " ooiooooooooiooo".

" You slapped me ?? I no sabi wetin make me comot that kind silly thing for mouth. Person slap me i still day ask am .. oh .No be slap ,na handjob .

Yes and if u dont stop harrasing me,i will slap u again..I felt like holding and cutting open her intestines that moment ,then machete her boobs and slice her stomach,roast her yansh and Feed her remainder to the dogs while i severe her head and hang it a stick ..

..Many silly and silly things just started popping up in my mind..Sincerely,i felt the urge of slapping and harassing her but it took a kind of Grace wey i never see before to restrain myself.

This was the First time i was Slapped by a Lady.. Tho Halfrica and Farano had attempted to try it with me before but Dey calm down when dem see say my eyes don red and doing that fit land them for Gbogbi.

This inchinbong,na sudden,sharp.accurate, well placed and direct all five fingers slap without any warning. she give me so.
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precious US ...628 days ago
Episode 13

Luckily it was only me and her that day.Na wetin just save am be that,if to say another person witness am..No be wetin we day talk we go dey talk now . "".

She Left and warned me never ,ever,again in my entire life,approach her and Tell her such dirty thing again.

He don finish ,how dare this chick...

Abi make i arrange guys go beat her make dem deflate that yansh she day use yanga about ??

Despite all these her behaviour ,it just made me more interested in her.What is it this girl really wants ?? Its the Fourth day already ..I never do parol wey pass a day or 2 days at worst.. Wetin other girls dey see wey d girls no day see for my body ??

Even if i no think of the sex again as i go get that one from my many other chicks,how about the 40k bet wey remain 3 days to expire ?? Something had to be done. .. Na so one silly but workable idea just enter my mind.. Ehn where this kind idea day wey i con day suffer myself. since.

.Inchinbong, whether u like am or not ,by fire by force. i must chop u..
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precious US ...628 days ago
I'll call it a break here guys. Time to do your own part!
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holuwasheyi US ...628 days ago
Oya lets go......waiting for next episode.....thumbs up bro
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dagcent1 AFRIC ...628 days ago
nice 1 bro....
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precious US ...627 days ago
Episode 14 ( Going The Spiritual way.. scoping the man of God )

Na the Fourth day be this ooo.My guys don day ask me how far with the package ...dem sabi say he no day take me long like this before parole go click.

Rokiatu no take me pass 2 days even almighty Ishilove na d first day we meet i chop am,na only tantalizers meat pie and Cold Fayrouz he cost me .why dis inchinbong own wan con different. Na ??.

I sha dey whine dem sey work is in progress ,then show dem our previous chats .dey sef dey nod day await result.

Me wey i no get myself..Na different foolish ideas just day come my brain..

Make i try my luck with this one.

The next day, I chop the concontion rice wey i cook yesternight...I no finish am as salt too much.. i sharply do rub and shine,Wear my nigerian super eagles Jersey ,jeans and timbaland.

Spray my Northerner perfume,rub damatol full my hair and set out to ichinbong's fellowship center..

Episode 15

As i dey waka go the syd. Na different things day come my me?? .Angel..Na me con turn person wey day waka about .day struggle on top one babe ?? OK.. no probelm.

If no be something way make crayfish bend .Me to dat kind ichinbong .

God sabi when last i don step my leg for inside dis church.The last time wey i con scout for babes. Na d first female usher i meet for door discourage.

..How usher go wear blue top on top red skirt join am with yellow socks con finish any form of Attractiveness she suppose get with her pink beret ?? Later dem go full vigil say dem no see husband .. "" How u go see husband when your dressing be like person wey no sabi house to support for interhouse sports .... Yeye dey smell

The person i meet for church nearly tear race comot on sighting me.. Me i just bone face enter. Me i no see d guy blame because i don sabi d atrocities wey i commit .. As i day talk say the babes for d church no fine reach. i still manage tear deir three of their choir members including the much loved holy mary ,choir mistress. Sis blessing Ojai.

How d news take spread i no sabi till date ..The matter almost tear d church into two.But dat one na tori for another day.

Episode 16

Brother boo " The guy abi na man wey i meet for church greeted me.I look am from head to toe as he be like Stick man sweet inside hin Oversized shirt and Backo bag trousers..

" Am not a brother pls ".. i responded
" But brother.. sorry ..we are one body in...
" ( Cuts in ) pls is pastor Seun around...
" Pastor Seun ??
" No pastor he around jare " i said getting impatient
' Haa hope there is no probelm " he said ..he was Smiling all the time clearly ignorant of his delapitated brown dentition.

' Will u get me d man of God or will u keep me waiting.. Isthat what d book of the lord taught u ??

No sorry sir.i will get him now....He said..He beckoned to one sister in the blue shirt and red Skirt uniform and asked her to check the pastor in his office...

Omo dat sister get yansh no be small ..on top all d wahala wey carry me come.i couldnt help but check out dat sister basia as she walk enter pastor office..

" Haa brother boo ..i have a message
" Oga pls i dont want any message...

Haa ok..The sister soon came back and gave a report that d pastor bin day pray for inside room and say he fit take like 2 hrs because na Special Week prayer he day pray today .Haa which kind thing be this.

2 hours ?? Him day pray for the whole school ?? Wich kind level be this naw... Ehn today na today .I go wait..

Episode 17

People day enter day look me day shook head, me sef look dem back they shook head.

" What's that thing on your face",Did u injure yourself " the backo trouser guy ask me..
" Nothing to concern yourself with ," i responded.

The backo bag trouser guy dey look me sef day look am. .Look me i look you.Man no go wetin ------------- ( Fill in d gap ).

The concontion rice day make stomach sing Tonto dikeh songs since morning .My guys be day call me for lectures ,i no pick infact he reach one stage way i just switch phone off . The hunger wey day gbab me plus d Kind eye people take dey look me reach make i vex comot d Church but no. Am here for a reason.

Na on top d chair i be don sleep day dream of how i go take spend my 40k winning when i just waka comot from d sleep enter reality.. Haa 2 hrs don nak..30 minutes join am sef.

I look around for the Backo trousers guy i no see am ..Haha..I bin don day fear untill i bin see d Guy day come inside with small small pikin speedy biscuit and purewater,they crack d thing chop..

" U mind "..he said offering the speedy biscuit to me..

Dis one day craze..Na speedy biscuit day do me naw

" Pls where is d pastor " he should be through by now " i said as calmly as i could..

" haa brother...sorry ..dont u think u shld come back d next day...I think he will

He will be kini?? See i cant come back d next day oo..I must see d man of God today.. Lai lai..

Even the people wey day read this tori wan sabi wetin i wan go do for d man of God syd..

U con say make i come back the next day.. Next day kor. days of d future past ni. oga i no day come back kan kan.
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dagcent1 AFRIC ...627 days ago
Nice one bro....
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Peterupeter AFRIC ...627 days ago
very interesting
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precious US ...627 days ago
Next episode coming soon!
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holuwasheyi US ...627 days ago
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Peterupeter AFRIC ...626 days ago
it don dey take much time to post another episode ohh
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Jamsonille00 US ...626 days ago
[quote=Peterupeter]it don dey take much time to post another episode ohh[/quote]

Have Patience
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precious US ...626 days ago
Sorry guys, here we go...
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precious US ...626 days ago
Episode 18 ( The Prophecy )

Ok calm down just playing with u .seeing dat u are so moody.We are suppose to be happy in d house of d lord "" hehe hehe .. " He said.

I just day look d man.. When he turn Basketmouth or Bovi wey dey crack jokes .. No be your fault. Na wetin carry me come here.

You can now see d pastor... in his office.. .. He said as he beckoned o

At last...I standa slowly and Walked into the pastor Seun office. . I enter meet book for everywhere, i greet am ..The man no greet me.. He just use hand show me chair.. He was a new pastor..No be d one way day church be this during d sex scandal.

Well done sir ...
Yes how may i help u
" I am boo
" Osin ..yes av heard about u ..Like i said earlier how may i help u....

Hmmn Sir i have a deep probelm i will like to share with u sir.

Na so i start i start my formulated tori . I tell am about my life . How i take dey knack babes and everything and how i day live a sinful life .

I narrated amidst tears how i met God and received Christ.. and how i am now a new being in Christ.

I jump enter how i still single and how getting a life partner be don day cause me wahala for me all dese days and how Av been praying to God for my own wife. and life partner.

The man just day look me.he no say a single sef day look ,hope say dis man day chop my lies sha.

Episode 19 ( prophecy)

Amid tears * ( so after all my troubles and travail Sir, i went for serious prayer) .I narrate how on the 7th day of prayer, An angel in a white gown appeared to i fell into a trance and d angel showed me a particular member of d church.. I was in a black blazers and had a ring in my hands.

The angel of d lord showed me a member of d church and lo and behold.before God and man .it was. inchinbong,dressed in a flowing white wedding gown.

I now look d angel and ask him " Angel of God. angel of God. what shall your son do with the lady before me verily.

..What did d angel say " The pastor finally spoke for d first time since i entered the office.showing his interest...His face was strong and Bold...

Sir,he told my she was going to be my wife... He told me we are destined to be together. And i caught d blessing. it was So vivid and clear. Pastor, With a great deal of faith.i approached her to Tell her this but she didnt even give me chance to explain instead she slapped me ......

Is it only slap she slapped u ?? The man of God asked
" haa she insulted me too and warned me never to approach her again.

" She should have done worst...


" yes Mr boo .do u really think u can fool the lord's annointed.

i shock small ,but still managed to pull an answer

"No sir..i dare not lie.. It was shown crystal clear..What God has joined together...
" Get out of my office
" Sir ...
" i said Get out..Why you are really ready to turn new being..Come back for repentance and restitution.

" But sir what happened to the revelation of

...Get out now before i open the gates of hell on you.. ..You agent of the devil.. We heard of your acts here and unless you trurly repent of your act .And what ever plan you have for the girl.Nemesis will catch up with u.

And indeed as he prophesied, nemesis did catch up with me..

Episode 20

I walked out in Shame from the church and Rather than go to class for lectures ,i went back home.. I have never been more disturbed in my life. Church wey she day go wey we think say we fit use enter d parole, dat one no click.

My guy, Methylblack later called me that Two lecturers wey dey take two of our core courses fixed emergency tests that morning and threatened that anybody that was not around would carry over the course..Shior..

i was least bothered about d Tests and the yeye lecturers. after all,one of dem na female lecturer wey i day tear at will...she go help me resolve dat one abeg.

Ichinbong was on my mind throughout the night.. I kept rolling up and down looking for ways to make this babe come and get my " Gbolaga". I couldnt sleep peacefully.
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precious US ...626 days ago
Episode 21

By the 5th day, I started reading up..I waka go buy MTN 50 naira card repay my former debt. con borrow MTN 100 naira join.use am buy 10 mb.

I was indoors all through as i had cancelled all form of visits from anyone that day.Not even Missnora way talk say she day come visit me fit make me change my mind..I had to brain storm..I only have two days left.

.And i am too sure these guys would not Extend the time wey dem give me..Because me sef don follow two of them bet this kind thing before and i no give them any time extension as i chop their money, clean mouth.

So we no need go near weda dem go extend time or not.

I was in my room.. Researching " How to meet a girl and make her visit you withnin two days ". Na yeye and unhelpful results Google just day give me.

. i login enter nairaland. Day read charlesnneji bang rules .all him posts and topics from A to Z na hin i read.. I even go create topic "How to make a girl visit you at home..The insult wey i get i no fit forget till date..Shey na d yabbing from friedplantain,vizkiz .or all dese ladies i wan talk. Person wey yab my papa.person wey call me fool ..infact i later regret bringing up dat kind topic sef.

Episode 22 ( Not a Laughing matter )

I called two of the most matured girls wey i don tear and ask dem wetin dem think say be my weak point and how i fit see any girl no matter how stubborn get.. Both of them surprise for my question but all d advice way dem give me na hin i don try on top ichinbong..haha

Dat same day,i called one of my big Bros .Tosyne2much wey be like my mentor for all dis woman matter and package ,na still same same he give me again. Same,old method wey i don try..

I was so tired and frustrated ..I went to Mama Peter store,bought 5 canned origins and one don simon. maybe if i drink am.. wey i con high small ,something go pop up...

.I drink am reach 3rd origin bottle.Nothing came up oo..No idea whatsover.. Everything for Charles nneji. All dese "10 things to toast a lady.. how to be a gentlrman.. Shior , Na all of dem i don try for this babe. E no work

Shebi na even babe wey give u listening ear all dat one go work for..Ichinbong no even wan see me around her not to talk of See chance speak to am sef.

Episode 23 ( The Beginning of the End )

The call from one of d guys wey we bet, Profojah. Con further discourage me sef..The guy just be day use me laugh say i be fool. He kept telling me he knew i could never get d babe to visit me not to talk of tear am. Say people wey strong pass me ,even lecturers don try am,d babe no gree

" Choi ..guy u better day use style gather 40k down before Saturday come oo.Shebi we tell u u no hear.. Better start selling your clothes small small or call your mama for house.. Guys go obtain u if u no get dat money cos kingsley1000 and richommie don plan say na d money dem go use carry their babe go outing this saturday oo.

He admonished seriously to start sourcing for d money..and sincerely i knew i had to start doing that..Friends matter no reach this one cos When i suppose free dem dat time too.i chop d bet money without remembering Friendship .

Well.This has taught me that it is not everything a man will always get. F or d first time in a long while, i knelt down and prayed to God.. i just told him to take control. That was one of my deepest and most sincere prayer i ever prayed in my life.

Really i felt I needed God more than anything now especially after what the Pastor said to me yesterday. Tomorrow i go see if i fit wyne ma parents send me some money and whine some of my other babes dem. Collect money take pay my debt..

I drank the 6th bottle of origin,cooked some indomie and egg and watched the only Christian film on my system ' Gods not dead as i slept off

So u can imagine my surprise,when Ichinbong messaged on whatsapp the next day ". " HI"..
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