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Best Hygiene Tips During Menstruation [Must Read]

wigo NG ...828 days ago
Menstruation is a time of heightened risk of infection for women, hence a woman needs to practice a high level of personal hygiene during her periods as this is one of the main reasons why women suffer from infections and other complications. Basically, hygiene starts from the selection of the best sanitary, washing yourself regularly, considering your wardrobe, avoiding sex with your partner during your menses as it is unhygienic etc. Here are some tips to help you stay clean during your periods.

Wash Regularly

During your periods, you should always keep your private parts clean, bathe at least twice a day to keep the body clean and avoid odour. Wash your hands before and after going to the bathroom, changing your menstrual protection or cleaning your vagina.

Regular Changing Is Necessary

Once menstrual blood is out of the body, it tends to get contaminated with innate organisms of the body. This causes vaginal infections, skin rashes and even urinary tract infection. Women should ideally change every five hours, if sanitary pad is used. If tampons are used, they should be changed every 2 hours.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Avoid tight clothing or fabrics that don’t breathe. Wearing clothing close to your vagina can cause increased moisture and heat and also irritate your skin. Wear cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing to stay fresh and dry

Choose Pads Wisely.

There are several sanitary products available which include menstrual cups, tampons and sanitary napkins. You need to choose a product as per your needs and comfort. You should know that tampons have the lowest rate of absorption. All brands might not suit you and you need to be aware of this!

Beware Of Pad Rashes

Pad rashes are commonly experienced by women when the flow is heavy. It generally happens if the pad is not changed on time and it has remained moist for a long time. In such a situation, it tends to rub against the thigh which brings in redness, itching and slight inflammation. You have to stay away from pad rashes and for this, you have to keep yourself dry and clean always. Keep changing your pads whenever they soiled. You can also use an antiseptic ointment for relief if you feel the onset of rashes.

Body Cleanliness And Diet During Periods:

It is very important to maintain a high level of hygiene during your periods to avoid vaginal and urinary tract infections.
Sanitary pads can cause some irritation on the inner thighs. Keep your genitals clean to overcome the problem.
Take a warm water bath twice a day during your menses to stay fresh and healthy.
Wear clean and bright clothes.
Wash your hands before and after changing a sanitary pad.
In case you get some stain on your panty, change it immediately.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily

How To Dispose A Sanitary Pad?

Carefully peel away the sanitary pad from the panty starting from the top moving all the way down.
Wrap the pad in a grocery bag or newspaper and throw it in the dustbin. Make sure the dustbin in which you dispose your used sanitary pad is not inside your bedroom or kitchen.
Wear a new pad and wash your hands properly.
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