Masturbation and premature Ejaculation - What you need to Know

Seunlaw US ...744 days ago
Masturbation is self servicing your self to ejaculate or reach climax in sexual fantasy. according to my research masturbation has many benefits with no noted side effect, 3 to 7 times masturbation per week is considered normal and even though some religion forbids it,it is preached by some health professionals that it

1.helps to reduce stress and headache

2.good for prostate

3.increasing endorphin

4.helps to reduce anxiety and tension

5.reaching climax for fun and helps to fall asleep.

and that it does not result to premature ejaculation..some people also claim that the bad side effect includes the fact that it can cause blindness,hair loss,insanity,hair palms and cancer of any kind which were not generally accepted but one thing i am very very sure of is that even as water is very important to human human life,too much of it can take life so as other behaviour when over practiced in an excessive compulsive manner,it can leads to both physiological and psychology imbalance in the body.

when your masturbation reach a level,you tend to create a barrier to having a good fulfilling healthy healthy relationship,masturbating frequently or several times a day will reduce the amount of sperm discharge per ejaculation and the time of ejaculation tends to reduce because the brain is neoroplastic,it can be configured in some ways to perform certain routine hence creating psychological imbalance which leads to premature ejaculation . you start to mess things up in your sex life,anxiety starts killing your sex drive,you start ejaculating before you penetrate or immediately after penetrating the vagina and you begin to lose your confidence thereby taking all sort of drugs which has side effects and in turns cause another health issue in your body.

The good news is just because you have build specific routine or certain brain circuitry dosnt mean that youre stuck or fucked forever. you can modify your brain configuration,discard the unwanted sexual behaviour circuitry and therefore building new healthy one by appropriate means..

In conclusion ,masturbation leads to premature Ejaculation, avoid it and safe yourself from sexual embarrassment ..peace!
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