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Top 15 Health Benefits Of Berries - The goodness of berries

precious NG ...918 days ago
Berries are wonderful fruits. You can
put them in desserts, drinks, salads, or
use them to adorn other foods like
pancakes. You can even eat them by
themselves and they still taste really
good. As you’ve likely ascertained by
now, berries also have a myriad of
health benefits. Let’s take a look at how
these tasty treats can help keep you
1. Berries are packed with
Pretty much all berries are loaded to
the brim with antioxidants. For those
who don’t know, antioxidants help
prevent illness, improve your skin and
hair, and lead to a healthier life. That’s
why people who drink smoothies all
the time always seem so happy!
2. Berries can help you lose weight
Berries are low in calories and that
means you can load up on them
without packing on the pounds.
Because they are juicy they contain a
lot of water, so much of their mass is
really water, which contains no calories
at all. A medium sized strawberry has
between three and six calories. A cup
of blueberries has only about 80
calories. Instead of grabbing the
potato chips, grab yourself some
3. Berries have a bunch of fiber
Pretty much all berries consist of about
85% water. The rest is mostly fiber and
fiber is an integral part of a healthy
diet. It helps you stay regular and
maintain your weight, and is essential
for bowel health. Keep in mind, though,
that you must actually eat the fruit to
get the fiber! There really isn’t any
fiber in juice even if it’s 100% juice. To
get the fiber, you’ll need to grind your
berries up in a smoothie or eat them
4. Berries contain a boat load of folate
Folate (better known as vitamin B) is
known for its health benefits that
include improvements to
cardiovascular health. There are even
studies that suggest that it can help
stave off mood disorders like
depression. It is especially good for
pregnant women as it helps prevent
fetal growth disorders and may
prevent neurological birth defects.
5. Berries have a ton of anthocyanins
The jury is still out as to what
anthocyanins do exactly, but pretty
much everyone believes that they give
you health benefits of some kind. For
those who don’t know, anthocyanins
are what gives berries their distinct
colors. Think of them like nature’s food
coloring. They are believed to have
preventative and therapeutic
properties, such as the ability to lower
the risk of cardiovascular disease and
6. Berries can help manage and
prevent diabetes
The nutrients in berries have been
shown to help prevent type 2 diabetes
and that’s a good enough reason to eat
them right there. However, they are
also really good for people who
already have diabetes. Thanks to the
high fiber we talked about earlier and
their ability to be sweet without
having a lot of actual sugar, they are
perfect for diabetics looking for a
sweet treat.
7. Berries can help prevent mental
There was a study published that
suggested that women who ate berries
frequently could prevent the process
of mental decline that comes with age.
The study says that women who ate a
healthy amount of berries had better
thinking, reasoning, and memory. It’s
not a wild difference but when you’re
getting up there, everything helps
8. Cranberries and blueberries can
help urinary tract infections
Studies have shown that drinking
cranberry juice can help you get over
urinary tract infections thanks to their
nutrients and ability to flush out
harmful agents that can cause
infection. Another study showed that
blueberries have more or less the same
effect. If you’re looking for better
urinary tract health, cranberry and
blueberry juice are where it’s at!
9. All berries can help prevent heart
This is standard for pretty much all
fruit. For each piece of fat-free,
cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed berry
you eat, that’s one step further away
from heart disease you’ll come. We
don’t need to tell you how many
studies have shown this because it’s
practically all of them. More colors in
your diet is better and berries come in
a lot of different colors!
10. Strawberries can help keep your
eyes healthy
Studies have shown that eating at least
three servings of strawberries per
week can help prevent macular
11. Blueberries can be frozen without
removing any of their antioxidants
All berries are great but there is the
problem of them going bad. You can
only buy so many at a time because all
fruits tend to go bad pretty quickly.
This isn’t a problem with blueberries
because it’s been proven that you can
freeze blueberries but still retain all of
their nutritional benefits. That means
you can stock up and keep them
around for months!
12. Cranberries can actually help you
more when taken as an extract
Cranberries are among the more
unique berries. People actually don’t
generally eat them raw because they
are extremely tart. They’re usually
sweetened and eaten dried or
consumed as a beverage. However,
they can also be taken in pill form as
an extract. Recent studies have shown
that taking them in “dietary
supplement” form is actually vastly
healthier for you than consuming the
juice because the nutrients work best
when you get all parts of the berry
rather than just the juice.
13. Cranberries can prevent cancer!
Numerous studies have shown that
cranberries do a whole bunch of
things to help prevent cancer. This is
done in a number of ways, such as
improving general health in your
entire body, but there are also
chemicals in cranberries that help
prevent the formation of cancer cells.
14. Berries may help prevent
Alzheimer’s disease
Some studies have suggested that the
polyphenolics found in many berries
help clean out the built up toxins in the
brain that are a contributing factor in
Alzheimer’s disease. Nothing is
concrete, mind you, but when it’s a
brain disease as bad as Alzheimer’s,
anything that could help is something
worth trying out.
15. Berries may help prevent
Parkinson’s disease
As we all know, the legendary Robin
Williams died not long ago. One of the
contributing factors was his recently
diagnosed Parkinson’s disease. There
have been studies that have shown
that eating at least two servings of
berries per week can reduce the risk of
Parkinson’s disease by up to 25%, with
some men facing a reduced risk of up
to 40%.
It’s very easy to incorporate berries
into almost any diet, and with the
various health benefits discussed here
there’s literally no reason not to make a
better attempt at putting more of them
in your diet. They are so healthy for
you and they taste great. Go out and
get some!
Featured photo credit: Love Grove
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