How to Build a Forum like Nairaland and Make Money Online

wapka US ...893 days ago
How To Create A [b]forum Like forum[/b]

let's look at forums and specifically [b] forum[/b] forums ,everything about it,ranging from creating and how to make money with a forum.

How To set up an online forum have been a
problem to some Newbie so i decided to explain the
procedures on how to start an online forum like forum.
- What Is A forum?
An online forum is a website that basically brings
people with similar interest together online in other
to converse and connect with each other. People
have to usually register before they can join in the
Conversations are usually called threads. A topic of
discussion or question can be asked by anyone who
is a member of the forum. Replies are made.

- How To Choose A Topic For Your [b]forum[/b]
There are no specific rules in selecting a topic for
your forum but there are general principles that
will help you push your forum to success. You can
start a niche on anything you want but there are
things that can guide you in picking a winning topic.
- Here are a few of them:

1. Avoid Heavily Contested Niches
I see a lot of nigerians who start forums that seem
to look exactly like [b] forum[/b].com, in terms of the
content and topics of discussion. There is nothing
really wrong with this, only that it is usually better
to look for less competitive topics or niches to start
a forum than just copying others. If you start a
forum that competes directly with forum , I really doubt you will make
If you have the money to promote and do many
other things, maybe you can compete and beat forum.But I know many people will rather
stick with Nairaland than fraternize on your forum,
unless you have something very different to offer

2.Pick A Niche Or Topic You Can Easily Get
Information On

It is good advice to stick to what you are passionate
and interested in because in the first few months of
the life of your forum, you will have to be updating
and posting lots of information about the topic by
yourself. It is only after a critical mass of
information is reached that people will naturally
join in the discussion. This is perfectly normal.So pick a forum topic about
stuff you can easily get information about,
preferably, what you are passionate about(something you love).
That is All For that,Now Lets go into our main Aim
Now To The Main Aim Of This Post Which Is How To
Set Up Your forum
I will be discussing the technical part of setting up a
forum here. Here are what you need in setting up

a. A Domain Name - A domain name is same with
website name.A domain name is the identity and
location of your forum on the internet. It is what
people will type into the browser in order to visit
you forum. You need to put in money in buying a
good domain name You should remember branding
and keywords when picking a domain.
If you are mot financially stable, you can buy a
domain name at . They provide a
reseller service for a bigger hosting company in the
US. You can pay them in Naira..But the issue with
their service is has limited hosting space and
bandwidth. So it is better to buy with . (It is affordable, reliable and you
can pay with nigerian issued debit cards) It will cost
you about $10 for one domain name for a year. This
is about N1500 to N2000 (depending on the
exchange rate) for a year. You should renew it the
next year to continue using the domain name.

b. Hosting - Hosting refers to the space you will
need online to house (Host) your forum. Syskay also
provides hosting.You can also use hostgator to host
your websites and blogs. I recommend them
because they are very reliable and have no
problems with hosting nigerian websites or blogs.
Hostgator provides 3 different hosting packages at
different prices. I will advice you buy the baby
hosting because of the unlimited domain names you
can host on it. You can order for hosting for a year
or up to 3 years. For confirmation, all they will need
are scanned copies of an identity card and the debit
card used for the order. Click this link to find out
Note- You will need a master card to make the
payment..I advice Gtb Master card..

c.[b]forum Software[/b] - After getting your domain
name and hosting, the next thing to do is install a
forum software. There are so many free forum
softwares and other paid versions too. forum is powered with free and
popular forum software called simple machines.
You can see the software here at
Many forums owned by nigerians use this
software but there are many other free forum
softwares. You can get a complete list of free and
paid forum softwares at http:// One
reason I recommend hostgator and FatCow is
because you can install your forum by just clicking
your mouse a few times. You don’t need to know
anything about coding and web design. This is done
by the use of something called scripts. Scripts are
ready made programs or softwares that some
hosting company provides on their servers so that
you can easily add to your hosting space. The simple
machine software and other softwares can be
installed on the hosting space with a single click of
the mouse.

How To Promote And Manage Your [b]forum[/b]
How To Manage Your forum Is the next thing to
come into your mind after creating your forum.if
you missed my post on how to create a forum simply
click here
After setting up your forum, the next thing is to set
up the different categories and boards you want to
have on the forum.
For example, if your forum is about “Social talks
like Nairaland” you can have categories like
- Entertainment
- Jokes, TV/Movies, Music/Radio, Celebrities,
Fashion, Events, Sports, Gaming, [b]forum
- Politics, Romance, Business, Investment, Jobs/
Vacancies, Career, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car
Talk, Properties, Health, Travel, Family, Culture,
Religion, Food, Diaries,e.t.c [/b]
This same idea can be used when categorizing other

Now Over To How To Promote Your [b]forum and make people know that it exists [/b]

Setting up a forum does not guarantee success. It
does not even guarantee that people will know
about the forum. In other words, you need to
promote your forum in order for it to boom.
By promotion I mean, advertising and getting
people to know about the forum and visit it.This
means you need to drive traffic to your forum .
There are hundreds of ways of promoting your
forum online and offline.
Here is a list of ways of promoting your forum.
1. Add it to the signature of your email messages-
[That is after sending mails to your subscribers put a
link to your forum at then of the mail]
2. Add to the url of your forum to the signature or
related forum you join- [write the names of your
forum in any forum you join]
3. Share links to it on Facebook
4. Start a page for it on facebook and ask friends to
join-[click here to create a facbook Page]
5. Tweet some posts made on the forum on facebook
6. Post links to it on book marking websites like , , You can automate this process by
7. Submit to forum directories
8. Make comments with your url on blogs of related
9. Write guest articles in other blogs in your niche
Thats All For How To Promote Your forum

How To Promote Your [b]forum

1. Advertise on offline newspapers and magazines
2. Advertise on flyers and posters
3. Advertise on TV and radio programs
4. Sponsor related events and get your name out
there How To Promote Your forum Using Paid
Means Online This is the fastest way to send traffic
to your forum or any kind of website.
11. Advertise on facebook
12. Advertise on Google Adwords
13. Advertise on other forums or blogs like
14. Advertise directly on websites owned by others
talking about your topic How To Get People Talking
In Your forum
After setting up your forum, the next thing to do is
get people to join in and start talking. It is easier for
people to join a forum but a bit difficult for them to
start talking. There are many different people who
visit a forum. There are active people asking
questions and answering questions and there are
other group of people who just visit, read the
threads and leave.
I hope This Helps..........Feel free to post Your
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precious AFRIC ...866 days ago
Making Money Online with
forums in Nigeria such as [b]
[/b] is one of the biggest website in Nigeria.It is
the number one place to find Nigerians online.The
funny thing is,this number one Nigerian website online
is a forum created using an open source program called
simple machines .(something anyone can use).
As i write this article,there are over 600 000 registered
members making it one of the largest congregation of
Nigerians and friends of Nigerians alike on the internet.
It discusses everything about Nigeria and is arranged in
different categories.It also discusses African issues and
issues concerning the world.
It is a very vibrant community of people helping people
and people sharing their opinions with others. is owned by Seun Osewa who has done a
great job in growing and maintaining the success of this
website. is a big asset and can make lots of cash for
Seun OSewa .Presently,the only obvious way
is making money is the use of google adsense. which
means -to me-they are not milking this internet cow
If I was Seun Osawe,here is how i would make
more money with
I would too do it in two ways.
1. Classified ads
2.Sale of E-books
3. Launch Other Websites
let me go into details here :
1.classified Ads
There are so many people who would love to place very
targeted ads on to promote their online and
offline businesses.I would personally love to advertise
on myself.And i know many people would
love to do that too.
To do that, i would likely get a better forum software
that would make adding of ads very easy or i would get
an addon for that exact purpose for simple machines.
These would make it easy to add paid adverts from
different people to the different sections of the forum.
2.Sell an e-book on building a forum
whether you like it or not , Seun Osewa ,the owner of knows something about building a
successful forum that many of us don’t.
Many people would love to buy an E-book or video
course on a subject of that nature.There is a large
market for that and it would not be a hard sale because

First, he has some form of authority because he is the
owner of a successful online property.
Second-his success is proof that he knows what he is
talking about .
To make that possible, I would personally start a blog
and share information on building a successful forum
for free while creating a comprehensive E-book for sale
on the topic.A video course may also be part of the
product too.
3. Launch Other Websites
With an asset as big as, one can launch
sister websites and other projects like a social network ,
a classified ad site (he did with but
am wondering why the site is not working anymore).
You may say -i am not Seun Osewa how does this post
concern me?…
well ,there are a few things we can learn from this post
about how to make money online from Nigeria and
what to sell online.
1. When you achieve building a high traffic website or
blog,you don’t have to cut yourself short with using
Google ads.You can always add an advertisement
board or host and mange ads directly on the website or
blog without using a third party program.
2.When you achieve success in any field or know
something others don’t but would love to know , you
can package that knowledge into a product (e-book or
Video product) you can sell.
Thanks .

now,here are some other ways of making money on Nigeria forums

Top 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money on
1. Ebook sales-:If you have deep knowledge in a particular
field that is of interest to a huge number of Nigerians, or you
know how to solve a certain problem that most Nigerians are
dying to solve, then you can package all the information in
an ebook and market it on If your ebook is
moderately priced and contains very helpful information, it
will sell well.
2. Affiliate marketing-:If you are an affiliate marketer for any
product that will interest Nigerians, you can earn huge profits
and commissions by participating actively in as many topics
as possible while embedding your affiliate link within your
3. YouTube videos-:If you have monetized your YouTube
videos with Google Adsense, a smart way to boost your
revenue is to upload a link to your video in the relevant
section on However, you must bear in mind,
however, that only entertaining or problem-solving videos
will attract attention.
4. Blog traffic-:This is one of the commonest ways people
make money indirectly on If you have a blog and
have monetized it with Google Adsense or any other ad
network, you can generate more revenue by pulling massive
traffic to your blog from
A smart way to go about this is to copy an interesting post
on your blog or its excerpt and paste it on, and
then add the link to your blog under the post.
members who find the post interesting will follow the link to
your blog to read more of your content.
5. Graphics design-:Ever since introduced the targeted ads scheme, which allows advertisers to
float their ad banners in specific sections of the forum, there
has been an increased demand for graphics designers. advert banners must meet certain size and other
requirements, and only seasoned graphics designers can
produce beautiful designs while meeting these requirements.
If you have a solid background in graphics design, you can
help people design their banner adsas well as other graphic
projects, such as logos, ebook covers, sales pages, website
headers, and so on.
6. Market your products-:If you sell certain products or
services, you can generate more sales by marketing your
offers on; provided your products are targeted at
Nigerians, chances are high that you will attract buyers.
7. Freelance writing-:If you are very good with words, then
you can turn your skills and talent into cash by offering
freelance writing services. members frequently
require the services of skilled writers to help them with
application letters, business plans, proposals, blog posts,
newspaper articles, research publications, resume writingand
so on.
8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
This involves adopting tactics aimed at improving the
position of a website in search engine result pages. More
and more Nigerians are becoming aware of the effectiveness
of the internet as a marketing and lead generation tool. This
explains why there’s increasing demand for SEO experts.
If you understand how SEO works and can help people
achieve great results with this strategy, then market your
skills on, and you will attract clients who are trying
to attract more traffic and customers.
9. Website design-:Nigerians are becoming more aware of
the benefits of having an online presence. Having a website
or blog can help individuals generate additional income
through various online business models, and it can help
businesses attract more customers and boost sales. This is
why the demand for professional website and blog design
servicesis now on the high. If you are a web designer, can help you attract clients.
10. Consulting
If you are an expert in any topic that is of interest to
Nigerians, you can make money on by offering
expert advice to those who need it. You can give limited
information for free and charge a premium for revealing more
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precious AFRIC ...866 days ago
Nairaland forum [b]software [/b]
Well,if you don't wanna go into designing and structuring the theme/template of your own nairaland-like forum ,there is an alternative just as there has always be an alternative in anything.
you can choose to download the ultimate nairaland forum software.Nairaland works on SIMPLE MACHINE FORUM.
About SMF Simple machine forums

Simple Machines Forum — SMF in short — is a free,
professional grade software package that allows you to set
up your own online community within minutes.
Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full
control of the layout of your message board and with our
unique SSI - or Server Side Includes - function you can let
your forum and your website interact with each other.
SMF is written in the popular language PHP and uses a
MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the
features you need from a bulletin board while having an
absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server.
SMF is the next generation of forum software - and best of
all it is and will always remain completely free!- simple

Simple Machines Forum , or SMF , is a free Internet forum
( BBS) web application. The software is written in PHP
and uses a SQL database for data storage. Starting with
version 2.0, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are
supported along SQL, however SQLite support is
dropped in SMF 2.1. [3] SMF is developed by the Simple
Machines organization.-

so if you wanna download this simple machine forum [b]software [/b] you can downla it from google play with the below link.

[url=]Nairaland forum software download[/url/]
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paris US ...833 days ago
Sir,u are 4 real.i salute u.
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precious AFRIC ...833 days ago
[quote=paris]Sir,u are 4 real.i salute u.[/quote]

nothing do you bro. We share a lot of things on kinwap but people hardly reads them not to talk of commenting.

So,thanks for commenting and also invite your friends to comment so we'll be encouraged to share more.
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iva US ...830 days ago
U 2 much
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precious NG ...830 days ago
Thanks bro.
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precious AFRIC ...826 days ago
check = How To Make Money With Wapka Site with Adiquity | Cpm ad networks | Google Adsense
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uriyoyer UA ...815 days ago
mhhh,truly is pretty cool
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jerry o GB ...724 days ago
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