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Best Job Searching Tips and Tricks to land your dream Job in a month!

precious AFRIC ...913 days ago
Job search could be a great challenge for
many fresh graduates and a nightmare to
some others. However, if you take strategic
steps, you could be on your way to landing
your first job sooner than you think.
Here are 10 strategic job search tips that will
give you an edge and increase your
chances of getting a job sooner than you
1. Change Your Attitude: Don’t start your job
search with the mindset that there are no
jobs. There are jobs out there. Your attitude
usually matters and influences the outcome
of your pursuit. The statistics of
unemployment rate may have made you to
believe that there are no jobs. However,
many companies are still on the lookout for
the right candidates. The first tip is to have
the mindset that there is still job out there
for the right candidates. What you should
now think of is “how can I be the right
2. Start Your Job Hunting Early: Many
graduates’ starts think that the search for a
job begins after they graduate. I think this
is a wrong approach. You should be able to
be clear on the kind of jobs you want. Start
gathering facts about companies you would
like to work for, what is required to work
for such companies etc. right before you
graduate. Success in job search is ultimately
based on the level of information you have.
The more informed you are the better your
Give Attention To Your Resume/CV and
Cover Letter: One thing I would like to make
you understand here is that there is nothing
like a perfect CV. But your Resume/CV
should be impressive. The major purpose of
a Resume/CV is to get you an interview
However, you need to bear the following in
-Your CV should be relevant to the job you
are applying for. Don’t use one CV for all
your job applications. Tailor-make your CV
to be specific to each job you are applying
-Make it clear, concise and honest.
-Provide key information like personal
details, including name, address, phone
number, and email address. However,
information like age, Political, Gender, Or
Religious preferences are not needed unless
otherwise specified as a requirement.
-Highlight your skills/strengths,
achievements and relevant experiences.
-Avoid errors. Ask a friend to go through it.
We usually don’t see our own errors.
A cover letter is a letter sent with your CV
that basically provides information on why
you are qualified for the job you are
applying for and the contributions you can
make if employed.
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precious AFRIC ...913 days ago
4. Don’t Be Bias: You’re on the verge of
starting a career; don’t have your eyes
only on big companies yet. Consider
options in government and nonprofit
establishments, real estate, housing,
transportation etc. Study shows that there
are a good number of graduate vacancies
in small and medium companies. These
small and medium scale companies will
serve as a foundation for you to build
your career because they are usually
demanding. They should serve as an
opportunity to learn professional and
work ethics as well as the valuable
experience you need to climb the ladder of
your chosen career.
5. Build Networks and Leverage Your
Connections: In the job market it is not
only about what you know but also about
who you know. I know many who got
employed just because they have such
Attend lectures, seminars, forums where
you are likely get in touch with successful
career men and women in your field of
interest. Join Professional associations.
Your hard work alone could have been all
you needed to get out of school
successfully but in the real world
connections are as important as hard
6. Take Advantage of The Internet: The
Internet is particularly useful today when
it comes to job search. The internet
abounds with job websites. These job sites
offer job listings (information on available
jobs), networking opportunities,
discussion groups, articles/newsletters and
job-search tips.
Also companies now have websites, you
can follow them via their websites and
social media links. To have an idea of what
they do. Adverts on available job openings
are also placed on company’s websites and
social media pages.
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precious AFRIC ...913 days ago
7. Be professional: You have to learn how
to build an impressive personal brand. You
need to demonstrate and exhibit attributes
of professionalism in all job related matters
from your job search to interview and
even after you are employed.
In preparing your resume or CV for instant,
The email address you use matters. An
email address like
makes you sound unprofessional. Using
your name as your email address is your
best bet. It is advisable to create a new
email address using your full name before
applying for a job.
Also many companies now check your
social media activities probably to get an
idea of the real you. Make sure your social
media activities do not stand on your way
to getting your desired job. Clear up
whatever that may likely give employers a
wrong impression about you.
8. Practice and Prepare for Interviews:
You don’t have to wait before you get an
interview appointment to start preparing.
It could come when you least expect it and
you may have no time to prepare. There
are materials on the internet on common
interview questions and how you can
approach them. Try and acquaint yourself
with these questions. They will give you
an idea of how interview questions are
framed and an understanding of the kind
of response an interviewer expects from
you. It is usually easy for an interviewer to
sense your level of preparedness and that
will determine your chances of getting the
job offer.
Get valuable information about your
companies of interest and the position(s)
you are applying or have applied for. Also
prepare intelligent questions to ask the
interviewer about the company after he/
she is done interviewing you (there is
always room for that in every interview).
This will give him an impression that you
have made your research on the company
and that you really have a strong interest
to work with them. That’s an edge for you.
9. Avoid Idleness At All Cost: That you
don’t have a formal job yet does not mean
you should stay idle. Learn a skill; go for
Management Trainee programs,
professional certifications, and internship
programs. Get involve with community
development services, volunteer etc. Just
do something worthwhile. These will
expose you to certain experiences and
equip you with some valuable skills that
will give you an edge in the job market.
During interviews employers usually ask
questions like, what challenges did you
face and how did you overcome them?
What skills did you develop? What training
did you have? This is because they are on
the lookout for individuals who can multi-
task and solve problems outside of their
immediate job descriptions.
10) Don’t Take Rejections Too personal:
One vital success key in whatever we do is
perseverance. You are likely going to get
rejections but don’t take them personal.
The problem may not be you but them. So
don’t let the rejections to deter you or
affect your self-esteem.
However, if the rejections persist, you may
need to take time and go through every
detail of your job search and find where
you are likely getting it wrong and fix it.
The problem could be a poorly written
resume or cover letter, poor interview
preparation etc.
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