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helping hand international

dayil NG ...609 days ago
Welcome to Helping Hands International (H2i)

The core objective of H2i is to help people who are less privileged.

The founder was inspired to run and achieve this objective by connecting more partners so as to reach more less privileged.

Every member is therefore regarded as a Help partner.

Since all NGOs depend on donations, grants and philanthropist support, 
The founder thought of changing the paradigm.
This is how the idea was adopted...

Every member is required to donate $40 or #6,600 and payments are in dollars

The job required of you is to raise funds for the company by referring two people then teach your two to also get their two and their twos also bring twos.
So long as that process of each person bringing their two continues every one will enjoy residual income for life

NOW LET Me Tell U How it WORKS
When you join our vision of given a helping hand to the needy, less privileged, widow, motherless and the disabled, you become our help partner and as our partner, we believe in making your life meaningful.

H2i touches and empowers members' lives financially as well in these ways:

- Interest free LOAN
- Humanitarian support
- Asset/Property support service
- Trade and skill acquisition service
- Income opportunity
- A LAPTOP or an ipad
- A Brand new Hyundai Elantra car
-Yearly global pool
-House of your own
-All expenses paid trips
-Infinity Bonus
-Residual income for life
-Free educational fund for your children

When you join and refer two people and they do the same, you are paid a commission instantly, which you can cash immediately or use it to register any of ur down lines when it accumulates to $40

Now the whole idea here is to help us all with extra cash in our pockets, as residual income which has been going on since Dec 2013

Ever imagined why many live in scarcity in the midst of abundance?
Well, we have found out!'s all about MINDSET.
IF you think you CAN, you CAN!
if you think you can't - you are also absolutely CORRECT!
Being Rich or POOR is a DECISION!

This is a community of positive - minded people. A place where members are encouraged to believe in themselves and their God-given ability to succeed. It is a circle of people who believe they can make a difference in the life of others no matter how small.
You are considered a good example of a Help partner with H2i if everyone who comes around you sees a reason to aspire higher and become better. H2i feeds the poor, clothes them and houses them.
Incentives load down:

Stage 1: You get $26 or $58

Stage 2: You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000), and qualify for a brand new apple Ipad worth over N130,000 and will also be given a CUG line for limitless communication.
Interestingly, achieving all this in about 8 weeks of joining is very possible depending on ur determination....

In stage 3, You earn $3000 and a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (The Latest Model) worth about N3.6m in the market! August, this year, Nigerians will witness the second car award to Nigerians by H2i. Also, $1000 cheque handed to two (2) non members of H2i, whom you personally recommended to H2i as less privileged. This is a grant! Not a loan! And it is given to Non members by H2i courtesy of You.

Stage 4 offers opportunity to earn another cash reward of over $6000 and brand new jeep worth $27,000. In case you don't know, this is Hyundai ix35!- A Jeep as its called in Nigerian parlance. You will also be privileged to empower a less privileged home. This is a grant in Millions.

Stage 5 offers over $12,000 cash, $40,000 housing fund, an opportunity for an all expense international exotic holiday sponsored by H2i. The infinity bonus for life and much more. Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i are enormous and can't be exhausted..... I challenge you to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare you to give it attention! It is not a multilevel marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack and want in people's lives.

H2i has a good number of sponsors like glo, Hyundai, Apple etc who believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
The Ipads come from Apple Inc, who are partners with H2i.
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stan AFRIC ...468 days ago
Euro 2016 Tuesday, 14 June

Austria v Hungary (Bordeaux,17:00 BST)

Austria 1 v 0 Hungary

place to stake high on

1. 2nd half result (game code: 140848) 1x2, Austria (1).

2. To score last goal (game code: 140851) Austria (1).

3. under/over 1.5 goals (game code: 140860) Under.

4. Correct score (game code: 140865) 1-0.

5. First team to win both halve( game code: 140878) yes.

Portugal v Iceland (Saint-
Etienne, 20:00 BST

Portugal 2 v 0 Iceland
under 2.5 goals

here is list of sure place to stake high

1. First goal in 1st half (game code: 45383) 1x2, portugal (1)

2. 2nd half result (game code: 141063) 1x2, portugal 2 goal (1)

3. To score 1st goal (game code: 141065) 1x2, portugal (1).

4. Under/over 2.5 goals (game code: 141071) under

stake here for those codes sure winning, Click here to register and place

play on single bet for best result goodluck to today's match
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dorlipi AFRIC ...330 days ago
Free Legit Bitcoin/Faucets Sites (that pay flawlessly )
Hi everyone today I’m gonna show you some of the Bitcoin PTC service that work or pay flawlessly. If you’re new to using cryptocurrencies, or planning to check bitcoins out, or just need to make a few, quick Satoshis, there might be a great way for you to do that without working through years to build some serious skills. In fact, all you’ll have to do is keep viewing advertisements and visiting websites requested by the service.
However, the internet has a large number of websites that either do not work, or carry glitches that can make stuff almost impossible. I’ll tell you about a few great websites that will allow you to make quick and easy Satoshis in no time at all. I’ll target two major categories- #Paid_To_Click sites and #Faucets.
PAID-TO-CLICK or PTC services offer currency for clicking advertisements, visiting websites, or watching videos. They offer you a part of the money they make by helping websites increase their traffic.
BITCOIN FAUCETS offer Satoshis (hundredth of millionth of a bitcoin) for carrying out crowd-sourced tasks or viewing pages full of adverts or other similar content. They pay you by the same method. Faucets give bitcoins away to anyone who provides bitcoin wallet addresses.

Paid-To-Click Services
The internet has a large number of Bitcoin PTC services; however, not all of them work. Trust me on this, these are the ones that do, and work without any issues:
BTC Clicks
BTC Clicks allows you to earn as much as 0.00958 mBTC (micro Bitcoin) on each click. Moreover, its referral/affiliate program lets you get to earn up to 0.00766 mBTC for every referral click. You can choose to get paid once you get at least 0.10000 mBTC in your account.
Users can even choose to double their earnings by purchasing a premium membership for just 11.12400 mBTC. BTC Clicks is one of the most reliable paid-to-click sites for earning Bitcoins.
Moreover, you can even choose to act as the advertiser. Your audience will have to view the advertisements for you, and you’ll be paid a part of what they earn from their clicks.
Want to register? Use this link:

This service allows you to earn over 3,000 Satoshis in few minutes with very little effort. BitsForClicks offers an entirely free service for nothing but viewing advertisements! You’re not required to purchase any subscriptions to earn what you deserve, and can even choose to earn from the website’s affiliate program which lets you earn 10% of what your affiliates do. BitsForClicks has been active for over two years, becoming the oldest Bitcoin PTC service on the internet.
You can register using my link:

RefBit also allows you to choose between earning with your own clicks and advertising, where you earn a part from your audience’s earnings.
The ‘earner’ service by RefBit allows you to earn up to 0.00000700 for each click and up to 50% of your referrals’ earnings. You can choose to move your bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet once you’ve earned 0.00012000 BTC, with the withdrawals completing securely within 48 hours.
RefBit’s ‘advertiser’ service lets you target actual bitcoin users who would view your advertisements for durations of your choice (between 10 to 60 seconds). This service doesn’t even require you to sign up! ! Follow this link:

Done with the PTC sites, now here are the lists of the Bitcoin Faucets that do work:

Bitcoin Faucets
Bitcoin faucets are services that pay you for viewing static advertisements, visiting websites, or watching promotional videos. All they require is your bitcoin wallet address, and will pay you as soon as you complete the offer. These are some major bitcoin faucets:
FreeBitcoin allows you to win up to $200 worth of bitcoins, as well as the chance to multiply them by playing Hi-Lo. Jackpots are of up to 1 bitcoin, and you can even participate in ‘free’ weekly lotteries.
FreeBitcoin also features a referral system that gives to 50% of what your referrals earn. This means that you get 50% of whatever your referrals earn from FreeBitcoin. My ref link:
MoonBitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that allows you to decide how often you claim Bitcoins. While most faucet services allow you to only claim bitcoins once a day or an hour, MoonBitcoin lets you choose to receive your bitcoins as often as you want. There’s no minimum amount you can claim. It doesn’t matter if you want your bitcoins every 5 minutes, every 30 seconds, or every day; MoonBitcoin will offer no restrictions. Use this link

Bitcoinker lets you claim your bitcoins every 15 minutes. You can either win 25,50,75 Satoshis, or just 50, which is a guaranteed amount. Using Bitcoinker, one can win up to 300 Satoshis in an hour; and 7,200 in just twenty-four!
Moreover, Bitcoinker’s referral program allows you to receive 25% of whatever your referrals earn; and the commissions will never stop coming. Once you make a faucet claim on Bitcoinker, you’ll receive all details, such as banner images and your referral link you can use to benefit from Bitcoinker’s referral program. Use my ref link:
They pay you this bitcoin/satoshis only when you provide your wallet addresses. Don’t have a wallet address? Go create yours at
Also check: Want to earn extra cash online?
Join this dedicated community for free now and start earning cash for your online activities, including:
-Visiting Websites -Paid Surveys
-Free Offers -Micro Tasks
-Playing ClixGrid -Contests
-Shopping Online -Referring Others

Use this link to register on Clixsense

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tottea AFRIC ...286 days ago
Have u all heard abut is now d best working scheme in Nigeria now.. Ask me about ecooperative and get rich in 30days...07061898179
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Zedd AFRIC ...277 days ago
Hey guys join me on icharity as we make millions with just 6k... call or whatsapp 08174876831 or register using
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