A new system about designing report & opinion page on wapka.

Abesh US ...486 days ago
Hi everyone,
Today i am going to share a beatiful code to design your any report & opinion page on wapka.

Let's see, how to do it?
At first you have to created a new page such as name "Report & opinion".
Open it, then make a simple forum with admin mod and take down its id.

Now see the code below, copy it and paste on your page which you have created before by the name "Repot & opinon".

<div class="rmenu" align="center"><center><font color="green"><b>..::Post your report or opinion to the admins::..</b></font><br/><center><font color="red"><b>Warning!!</b></font></center><font color="red">(Be polite to the admins, otherwise your IP(internet protocol) will be blocked permanently!)</font></center>:forum-XXXXXXX/smallform/:</div><br />:forumlist:o=n, l=50, f=XXXXXXX, s=1::<div class="home"><br/><font color="black">%text%</font><div class="omenu"><font color="green">Your request being procced, please wait until we review it!
We will fixed your problem as soon as we can! Thanks</font></div>
<font color="blue">Requested by</font>~ <b><font color="red">%name%</font></b></div>:: :/forumlist: <div align="center" class="home2">:paging:n=1,u=site_546.%ext%?get-search=&get-s=%n%:: :/paging:</div>

Change the forum id instand on "XXXXXXX" and submit it for logged user.

Now you have finished the work. I hope you got it. Thank you!!!
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