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5 Tips to Drive you Closer to your Dreams + Encouraging Quotes

precious US ...680 days ago
Life is short. Some people die at 25, but aren’t buried until
they’re 75. If you find yourself staring in the mirror, but not happy
with what you see, it’s not too late to change.
Here are 5 ways to make change in your life today :

1. Get clear on your goals

First and foremost, you need to get clear on where you’re at and
where you want to be. Fail to plan, plan to fail. As you get clear
on your journey, it is important to write things down . It has been
said that people who write their goals down are 60% more likely
to achieve their goals. Also, another great piece of advice is to
create a “not to do list”, doing the things that are norms in your
life is what got you to where you are today.
Like anything, the first step in turning it around is accepting and
recognizing where you went wrong. Write down all the things you
should not to do. This will help you more than the “To Do’ list on
your journey to a better life.
“We are no longer able to change a situation – we are
challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor E. Frankl

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is key to becoming better. If you want to
change your life, don’t be bitter, learn to be better. If you do not
believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter the ideas that you have or
even the opportunities that will present themselves to you.
Believing in yourself entails a determination to make a situation
work for you, rather than playing victim.
Believing in yourself is moving forward and trusting that you will
figure it out along the way. Don’t fret, because there will be times
that you want to quit, but just continue to push forward knowing
that the most successful people have made mistakes along their

3. Don’t let setbacks de-rail you

Many times, the biggest failures in life have led to the biggest
breakthroughs. Ask Thomas Edison. If you are in business, losses
and setbacks are inevitable. You however should not allow
setbacks to kill your dreams or make you quit. Instead of getting
stuck and looking at the glass half empty, focus on the positives
and the glass half full.
Find the good. One way to do this is to keep a gratitude journal.
Here, you will capture your wins every day, weekly, or even
monthly. You will have a sense of joy and you will remind
yourself of some of the incredible things that you have
accomplished in the past. Adopting an attitude of gratitude will
let you see that you can do more in the future and let your little
wins keep you going for the bigger ones.

4. Be mindful

Being mindful involves being aware of your thoughts, sensations,
environment and feelings in the here and now. More importantly,
you need to accept them, believing that there is no wrong or right
way to think or feel in a particular moment. You need to be
present, not thinking about the past or dreaming about the future.
How does being mindful help you change the direction of your
life? It helps to increase positive emotions, which are associated
with resilience. You also learn faster, have a sharper memory,
regulate your emotions better , and become empathetic. You are
able to keep distractions at bay, and improve your attention
skills. Being mindful allows you to have closer, and more intimate
relationships. Becoming more conscious of your mindset will help
you become a better person in many aspects. It is a vital part of
the journey to changing the direction of your life.
“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert

5. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself even after achieving one small goal keeps
you motivated, and avoids burnout as you try to steer your life in
a different direction. The reward needs to be proportional to the
goal achieved. If the goal is big, and achieving it has a large
impact on your life or goals, then the reward should be big.
Smaller goals should be rewarded once achieved too. They keep
us motivated as we try to reach the milestones of success. For
instance, if your goal was to lose 10 pounds, and you have
achieved it, buy a sma
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