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Wanna be successful + Happy? Be Better Than Your Yesterday Not Better Than Others

precious NG ...810 days ago
Each and every one of us offers a unique
combination of strength, creativity,
thoughtfulness, talent, knowledge and
experience. This implies that no matter
how you try, you can never perform or
become exactly like another.

The only person you should strive to be
better than therefore is who you were
yesterday. According to William Faulkner,
“don’t try to be better than your
contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be
better than yourself.”

No one can be smarter than you can be
and no one can be better than you can be.
People are only better or smarter in
different areas. Find your own area and
focus on becoming the best you can be.
Like I mentioned earlier, you are born to
with certain natural skills, abilities,
tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and
talents.Let your uniqueness count!

According to Dalai Lama, “With realization
of one’s own potential & self confidence in
one’s ability, one can build a better world.”
Find out what is it that you are really good
at, or have the potential to become good at
and then give in all your energy and
strength. Nurture your nature Jim Cathcart
Trying to be better than others is the
reason we engage in unnecessary
comparison and competition which often
result in envy, jealousy undue pressure
and stress.

Often this happens when we begin to
measure our personal worth based on the
achievement of others. This is as a result
of low self-esteem. Learn to love yourself.
When we compete with others we are
likely to focus on our weaknesses than our

You don’t succeed by competing with
others; you succeed by growing who you
are. Instead of competing with others,
focus on becoming a better person with
each passing day.

Here are few tips that will help you in
becoming better than you were yesterday;

1. Get to know yourself: spends time
exploring your gifts. Ask for feedback.
Discovered your niche; acknowledge your
blind spots. Take risks; learn from your
failure and your successes. Discover what
God has made you for.

2.Be secure: Never let others justify your
existence. Only you can be who you are.
Insecurity is a state of mind. Learn to
overcome it by developing a positive
mindset. Focus on your strengths and
things you like about yourself instead of
focusing on your weaknesses. Accept that
you are valuable the way you are. When
you allow your insecurities to get better of
you, you’ll become inflexible and resistant
to change and if you don’t change you
won’t grow

3. Embrace Continuous personal growth:
Always assess yourself to know whether
you are appreciating or depreciating.
Constantly ask what knowledge and skills
do you need to be better at what you do.
What one skill do you need to develop that
will make a profound difference in your
area of expertise? When you’ve
discovered that, do something daily to be
better in that area. Set goals that will help
you achieve this. Read and build your
knowledge bank on this particular area
daily. Excellence is not an act but a habit.

4. Excellence is a Journey – A Personal
Excellence is no about perfection but
rather the quality of excelling in what you
do; possessing good qualities in high
degree. The truth is no one individual can
excel in everything. Each and every one of
us has few things we can excel at. What
and how long it will take you to achieve
excellence in your own area of expertise is
different from that of another. The price
you have to pay is different. Begin by
creating a personal plan and strategy. Set
specific goals that will put you on the road
to excellence. Get out of your comfort
zone. When we remain in our comfort
zones, we hardly grow.
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Onovo NG ...809 days ago
Very nice n interesting
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