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Top 6 Behaviors That Are Limiting Your Success

wigo NG ...824 days ago
Success is not limited to the few. It is
something that can be obtained by
those who put their mind to it, take
action, and develop good behaviors.
When we aren’t finding success in our
lives there is a reason or reasons we
can’t get past the hurdles. Sometimes
we come up with excuses because,
after all, they are the easy way out.
However, it often boils down to
behaviors. Our behaviors can be the
reason why we succeed or don’t
succeed. To be healthy we need good
eating and exercise habits. To be great
in business we need to have resilient
behaviors to get over failures.
Many times we have developed bad
behaviors which hold us back from
leading successful lives. These
behaviors hold us back from great
careers, building businesses,
cultivating relationships, and much
more. Bad behaviors prevent us from
achieving the success we desire.
If success is eluding your life, here are
6 behaviors that may be limiting your
success :

1. Jealousy

Today it is easy to get caught up in
jealous behaviors because we live in a
social world. We get notifications when
someone gets a huge promotion, we
see every picture from our “friends”
two week cruise, and we read the
posts about fairy tale relationships.
The problem with jealousy is it can be
consuming and ruin your life. It limits
success because instead of working
on your dreams, you are spending
time being envious of others.
Instead of being jealous of others, be
grateful for what you have in your life.
It helps you be more productive and

2. Self-limiting beliefs

The behavior that keeps many people
from achieving success is self-limiting
beliefs. This behavior is when you hear
that little voice start talking you out of
doing great things.
Self-limiting beliefs includes thinking
you are too inexperienced for a job,
believing you shouldn’t take a risk
because you’ll fail, thinking it is too
late, or you don’t need more money
because you are comfortable.
All of these thoughts keep us from
success. Don’t come up with reasons
why you shouldn’t, think of reasons
why you should do something great
because you might actually succeed!

3. Living in the past

It is hard to drive a car by looking in
the rear view mirror, but there are
many people who live life like this.
They live by always bringing up the
past and fail to move forward.
This includes living in the past by
riding prior successes and past
failures. We all see people who seem to
be on the fast track to success, but hit
a plateau because they are living on
that one big sale they got two years
ago. We also know people who can’t
recover from failure or overcome
someone who wronged them.
Whether you are living in the past
from a success or failure, you need to
move forward. Moving forward and
setting goals is the only way to
achieve and sustain success.

4. Gossip

If you are in business and have a bad
behavior of gossiping, then you won’t
be in business long. When we gossip to
others and say bad things about
others ; it makes you look bad.
People will stop doing business with
you, it will be difficult to rise higher in
a company, and you will get a bad
reputation. There is no reason to
gossip because it can destroy all of
your success and limit future success.
As the old saying goes, don’t worry
about those who talk behind your
back, they’re behind you for a reason.
If you want to get ahead, then talk
positively about others. It goes much
further than gossip.

5. Giving up too soon

Many people never achieve success
because they give up too soon. When
there is a bump in the road or an
obstacle, they resort to backing down
rather than persevering.
We must be willing to keep going. We
need mind sets like Walt Disney,
Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan
who all fought on through failures to
achieve wild success.
We are wired to persevere. When we
were younger and learning to walk,
we all overcame obstacles. Many of us
fell and got hurt while we were trying
to go from crawling to walking.
However, we all got back up and
learned to walk.


6. Negative thinking

Negative thinking is a dangerous
behavior because it can be detrimental
to our lives. When we have a bad case
of what Zig Ziglar calls “stinkin thinkin“,
we limit our success significantly.
This behavior is bad because we start
to think the world is out to get us ,
things will never get better, or we
expect everything to turn out bad.
Turn your negativity around. Think
about what is good in your life and
what you are possible of
Take a self-assessment of yourself and
determine if any of these behaviors
may be keeping you from success. If
you are suffering from one of them,
then change it.
When you make the decision to
change any of these behaviors, you
will start to experience more success
in your life.
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