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Do you know the You in You? The Path to Self-Discovery! (Must Read!)

precious AFRIC ...906 days ago
A story
was once
told about
a boy
who was
mountains and found an eagle’s nest with
an egg in it. When he got home he placed it
under a hen along with other eggs laid by
the hen. After the eggs were hatched the
eagle lived among the chicken and thought
he was a chicken. He learned the behavior
of the chicken and scratched the ground
just like them.
But sometimes he would feel strange
stirrings within himself but because he did
not know what they meant or what to do
with them, he either ignored or
suppressed them. “After all I am a chicken
and should behave like one”, he thought.
However, one day an Eagle flew over the
Chicken yard and the “Chicken-Eagle”
looked up and saw the Eagle flying.
Instantly he felt those strange stirrings
again and realized he wanted to fly like the
eagle and instinctively he spread his wings
and began to fly. First, unsteadily until he
finally soared like an Eagle that he is. He
has discovered the true person God has
made him to be.
According to Henry David Thoreau, “The
greatest tragedy in life is to spend your
whole life fishing only to discover that it
was not fish you were after.”
Many like the “Chicken-Eagle” have allowed
environment, opinion of others and
prevailing circumstances to condition their
lives and give them identities that is not
theirs. Like the Chicken-Eagle also they
have suppressed and ignored the stirrings
of their true self.
They have let go the things that matter to
them because their environment has given
them the impression that they are not
good enough for such things. They are
anything but their true self.
A clear knowledge and understanding of
who we are answers the question of why
we exist (purpose). Attaining such success
that will impact your world for a long time
comes from living out your true identity.
Your fulfillment and satisfaction lie in
knowing that you are on the path that
truly matters.
If you desire to take a journey to self-
discovery, here’s the path to follow;
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precious AFRIC ...906 days ago
Live Your Life Awake
This is living your life being aware and
conscious of your difference from others,
inner desires and strength. These are your
uniqueness and they are means of
unlocking or discovering your real identity
and following the path you are born to
follow in life.
This demands thorough self-reflection and
examination of our step and actions and
how they satisfy and fulfill our deepest
yearnings. Unless we are continually
examining our life to make sure it is in line
with what matters to us, we may end up
living someone else’s life.
That’s like coming to the end of your life
and realizing that you have followed a
path that was not your own. We must
make the decision and develop the
courage and discipline to follow the path
that most matter to us and make constant
adjustments to ensure we are on the path
that fulfills our inner yearnings.
“An unexamined life is not worth living.” –
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precious AFRIC ...906 days ago
Connect with Your Spiritual Source on a
Personal Level
We are not human beings having a
spiritual experience but are all spirit beings
having a human experience.
I have found out that no matter how many
self-help exercises people may take in a
quest to discover their identity and
purpose they still feel doubtful of who
they really are when they lack spiritual
essence. They are not completely
convinced of who they are.
The reason is that your source defines
who you are just the same way it takes an
affirmation and attestation from the maker
of a product to believe the authenticity of
such product.
We all are products of a spirit being and
we cannot really live out our true self if we
are disconnected or have little or no
knowledge about him. Denying our
spiritual source and essence put us below
our true identity.
“Man’s goings are of the Lord; how can a
man then understand his own way” –
Proverb 20:24
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