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How to create a wapsite with free Complete tutorial

precious NG ...985 days ago
Hello brother. you are welcome to this wonderful tutorial on how to create a free wapsite with
in this tutorial,I'll assume that you're a complete newbie at wapka and you want to create your first wapka site.
remember i called you brother? yes,because this website is built with wapka technology. so,we're all brothers.
this tutorial is going to be in two steps.
1. I'll tell you all you need to know about wapka
2. I'll show you how to create a free wapsite with
Don't worry because its gonna be fun all the way

What you need to know about

- Cost: wapka is a free website that enables people create free wapsites. it's completely free to create a wapsite with wapka at 0 cost
- Trust: it's very important to thoroughly check free websites providers before starting of a serious website on their free software so
its only wise enough to ask the question; can be trusted?. well,from my experience with wapka, I can tell you that wapka can be trusted with 94% surety. if not for any other thing they've been around for several years and have made a lot of profit from their software so they are capable of solving any issues that might arise in the near future.
but I still do suspect that in the future, software might no longer be free or it might have both a free and paid package but they haven't let out any info on that yet.
- Functions: wapka made available a lot of functions for it's users. so many of them that I can promise you that with diligence,expertise and patience,you can create s website better than Facebook with the free wapka software. this is the main reason that gives me concern over the free status of the wapka software.
you can create any type of website with wapka software provided you can program wapka codes or you have a good team that can do that. right now,we have very technical websites created with wapka like
. advertising networks
. seo services networks
. chatting networks
. forums websites like kinwap
. HTML/CSS tutorials websites
. news websites
. others follows,so as you can see, is really out to serve.

- supported programming languages: wapka at the moment supports just XHTML CSS and JavaScript and we hope php is gonna be added soon

- security: this is a very important thing to consider before choosing any website creating platform and wapka is not an exception. I can assure you that your wapka site is safe provided you are averagely careful. just go by the normal rules and your site will be safe.

- Adverts: it's very important to note that wapka places an advertisement at the bottom of every wapka site which you're not authorized to remove. from research,I found our that the advert takes just a few bytes to load (about 500bytes-0.5kb) to load fully so its not a problem at all.

- seo: wapka sites are seo friendly. that means that to do seo for your wapka site's just as hard as it is to do so for any other website creating software like blogger and WordPress. so no fears about seo besides you've got kinwap to watch your back.

- money-making: similar to making money with any other website just that it's a little more fun ,making money with a free software! more like a cheat!

OK,now you're in high spirits,right?
sure so
sets move on to the next part of the topic which involves creating the wapka site proper.
to start creating a wapsite with wapka,you must have an Email address. make sure its secured because its the no.1 way that your wapka site will be harmed.
that done,proceed to
and fill out a form like the one below
Passport(Email): your secured email address

Password: a very strong password

Confirm password:repeat the strong password

Site name: choose your websites namee (Allowed characters: a..z,0..9,-)
Accept Terms of Service
Accept Privacy Policy
Accept Code of Conduct
Sign up then click sign up!
if the site's already taken,you'll be notified. just choose another site name.

congratulations brother,you're now a wapka wapmaster!

now that you have created your first wapka site...

its gonna look white, blank and annoying. its now time to start designing it.that is when you have to marry this website because we have the biggest collection of wapka codes and tutorial existing in the world wide web
and we were fully devoted to producing more codes and making them available for free so you can successfully create your wapka site to your taste and be happy.
now,for your wapka codes and tutorials, just go over kinwap and select the appropriate forums and you'll get them.:-)
hope I have impacted some happiness in you?
that why we're around so feel free to ask any questions pertaining to below and I'll do my best to answer all of them. thank you.

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lusolboa GB ...929 days ago
Continue the tutorial naw,am enjoyin it.......Please!!!!
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