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Let's discuss wapsite builder

You probably are reading this because you're a wapka webmaster or you want to be but whether you're a wapka Legend or wapka newbie this article is certainly going to help you so read on. free wapsite create wapka builder


First of all,i'll like to say that is a free wapsite creator-wapsite because you can't use it to create a full desktop site UNLESS you do a little tweaking.

You can create any kind of wapsite with

1. Chat/community sites

you can equally create chat sites with comfortably with lots of advanced features like poke,gift sending,file sending,chatrooms,shout boxes,blogs,etc

you can create a community/chat site on with the following codes->

wapka chatroom codes and tutorials

[Wapka Codes] Autorefresh code for wapka chatrooms

2. Forums site

You can create a full forums wapsite with all the basic funcions including Quote,Smileys,Javascript-enablement,Images,wcodes for quick copying,etc.

You can get codes to create your forum from here->

Beautiful wapka forums code of here @ our wapka forums.

3. Advertising networks sites

This is quite possible as many wapka webmasters had in the past set-up ad networks with which fellow wapka programmers earned some cool cash with the wapsie.

If you really want to make a lot of money with your wapsite,you will need one thing and that's TRAFFIC and you'll need a lot of it.

4. News website

A lot of wapsites had been created in the past that deal mainly on News and updates,i know lots of them and they're as good as those created with and

Yeah,some are even better.

You can create news wapsite with wapka with the help of forums and and Forum list codes as well as Last updates code

5. Wapka toplists

you can create cool wapka can even make them better than other tolists,yes because you have all wapka functions at your disposal just to do some tweakings with your knowledge of Html and Css and Javascript.

Am not going to talk mucha about wapka toplist because i've dealt with it before,just look around or use the search function above to learn more about wapka toplists

you can learn wapka tutorials:how to create a toplist with wapka with the above link,it's fun.

Here's a toplist that will give you FREE Traffic/Hits->wapka free directory

6. Wapka download portals

wapka download sites are great sites that provides free files which users can download.

You can do this in two ways->

(a) by using wapka content manager and this is achieved with [Wapka Codes] Content manager download page code for set unified download page and a few other

(b)wapka filemanager.

This is a very important aspec of gives you ability to create directories and upload files to can learn more about them and how to use them to create download sites by reading these tutorials->

[Wapka Codes] Best filelist code with download page of Download files from wapka filemanager using "file id" code in wapka download portals

there are other types of sites you can create with that am not going to list here now,maybe some other days.

For south indian movie in hindi>

Haven known what you can do with,i'll like us to look at The wapka admin dashboard from where you can create all the above mentioned wapsites.

examination wapka mobi/
site open result 10th xhtml
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wapka NG ...949 days ago
Wapka is now a known site builder to many
wapmasters around the world, and because of
its high functionality, wapka is growing to its
peak day by day as it keeps evolving and
giving newbie wapmasters a "free" chance to
become professionals. Wapka was first introduced to the cyberworld
around 2008, and has since then grown bigger
as they held a major contract which role was to
advertise and became partners with UC
browser. Wapka was founded by Martin in 2008, who chooses to be anonymous, with help
and support from other webmasters who made
wapka what it is today, Wapka runs under one
of the best hosts in the world, Wapka founder
chooses to keep everything anonymous, but
wapka has evolved to be a great wapsite builder, with wapka the possibilities are endless
for a normal webmaster.

before I continue, here's a must read wapka tutorial on
How to display users who liked a post in wapka forums? am sure you'll love it.

Wapka Webmasters are mostly from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia. Wapka looks more like a non-profit organisation but
that's false because wapka also sells ad spaces
which is a very big "how to earn" to them.
Wapka builder has more advanced features
than some other website builders and has more
web users and traffic generating from hosted sites. Wapka supports HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT & PERL which makes it a reliable and a functional web
builder. When you start a wapka website as a
newbie, it can get really confusing but ready-
made functions makes coding easier and better
for you, wapka helps newbie webmasters
immensely, it helps to build the required knowledge of coding for a webmaster, although
wapka it is likely referred to as Wapmaster by wapkans.
Wapka has a developer forum where other
webmasters can ask questions, get help from
other wapka masters and request for new
features. Wapka is a great platform for new wapmasters,
it builds the necessary foundation, wapka can
be extremely reliable, they do not suffer any
unnecessary downtime but bugs to users are
likely common. Wapka supports an unlimited
CMS (content management system) you can actually upload with no diskspace limit, this is
one of the great advantages of wapka, you do
not have to worry about managing your
website files as the memory space is unlimited. Wapka will be advancing every year, as they
have this culture of adding new features.
Wapka also does not allow sites hosting porn
content or other adult related contents to use
their builder as it is clearly stated at their TOS
that such sites will be banned without warning. But one thing I judge pretty importantly is their low support service, wapka hardly reply to feedbacks and mails. Any possible means of
contacting the wapka team will be effortless,
they need to have this case looked upon, so as
to give a remarkable service to their users..
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Site: ..»..1

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