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Whatsapp Features - Awesomeness - Awfulness - Users Reviews

precious US ...487 days ago
Whatsapp, a legendary application has evolved from what it was few years back to one of the hottest applications ever made by mankind! This is true in all forms and also as clear as it can be. Virtually everyone that uses a browsing phone right now in nigeria, africa and thewhole world at large uses whatsapp to stay connected to friends! More so, some people are even addicted to the application. lols, no wonder facebook had to make an early launch for the app and acquire it before it starts doing serious damgae to the largest social network of all times.

Now, whatsapp is a topic you won't find people discussing much instead every discusssion goes on in whatsapp chats, groups and broadcast. hardly fair but the app was built to rule and that's exactly what it's doing. So this is pretty much going to be one of the few places on net and perhaphs the very first ogf it's kind on kinwap where we discuss whatsapp!

Before we get to sharing your views about whatsapp, i'll love to mention some things worth noting about the app. and we'll go ahead and see them,

Some whatsapp Facts & Stats we should know

Age: The whatsapp we know now was first released some 6 years ago, in January 2010 but was founded in 2009.
That's way older than most of you thought before. And it was supported accross multiple platforms then.
Judging from the age from the user's perspective, i don't think whatsapp mad emuch of a hit un til after about 2 years of it's invention
Developers: [/b]The initial brains that brought whatsapp to the public is whatsapp Inc. Must have done some great extra ordinary work then. *grin

you ,may be wondering why it took so long to get to the founders of whatsapp but here they are. so who founded whatsapp???
Jan Koun and Brian Acton! and you can read up their full profile on
First CEO of whatsapp was Jan Koun.

Whatsapp official website as you may suspect is

How about whatsapp employees, how many are they afterall? you may be surprised at their number.
Whatsapp has just 55 employees!

Availabilty in OS:

Whatsapp can be used accross a wide range of platforms some of which are listed below...
Windows mobile
Blackberry OS
Blackberry 10 OS
Nokia seties S40

But at the moment, the only stable release of whatsapp is that of android,iOs and windows.
The rest, including blackberry are not just as stable as the ones above.

Written in: this is a very interesting topic for programmers who may be interested in learning how whatsapp was created.

And that's just about all the main facts i think you should know about whatsapp as a whatsapp user.

Whatsapp Acquisition

As you should know, whatsapp was sold to facebook for a record sum of 19.3 billion US dollars. Crazy huh?
That's right, whatsapp is such a hot cake. And, it still is!
Facebook bought whatsapp on 19th February, 2014. That's about 2 years ago.
And that leads one to think...
Facebook already has facebook messenger, why bother acquiring whatsapp?
The answer for me is very simple. Simplicity will always win. Facebook messenger is a lot more complicated to use than whatsapp and whatsapp on the other hand is so simple that if you haven't used and android phone before, once you get one, whatsapp is ojne of the very first applications you will master and even get addicted to. This have been proven by... ME!
But, simplicity is just the underground cause why whatsapp is so successful and not why whatsapp was acquired by facebook.
A more understandable one is that whatsapp had a massive database of users and stands as a threat to facebook, so they had to be bought over. Same thing that happened to Instangram.

But, ever since whatsapp was bought by facebook, a couple of notable things have happened and i will mention a number of them here.

1. Whatsapp became free!
Mhh, the word free has a different meaning for this tech gaints so it kinda scares me.
So also Google. But, of course whatsapp became free and you no more have to pay any $1 to anyone. Nice move.
But, whatsapp also became a tool to fuel FACEBOOK! That's what some peiople don't know about whatsapp and facebook now... They are sort of integrated and facebook now uses whatsapp data. The degree of this usage yet remains unknown to many but the fact still remains that Facebook is judiciously using whatsapp data to do some work on the parent site,

How did I know?

Actually, it Wasn't so difficult to detect.
First off, a friend of mine told me that facebook released an update that they are going to use whatsapp data on Facebook. Though i knew this was very much possible, i didn't take it very serously untill i learnt exactly how it works.
Here is an example...
I loggen on to Facebook few days back and was really amazed at what i saw.
I saw friend suggestions!
Just that?
Yes but no...
The suggestions were pretty to accurate, more than facebook has ever given me before. It was tbat of a close friend of mine, perhaps, more on whatsapp. I never had anything to do with these people on facebook. So, how did facebook know to suggest them to me?
The answer is rather obvious now.
While this seems great, i don't believe it's the best considering the fact that we don't know how much of this data that facebook will be mining. Am just saying, it could get to the point where these guys can scan through your messages and report your chat to your girlfriend !
Or, another scenario, someone may be able to see your messages and if nyou are the kind of guy that sends passwords and important data through whatsapp, a lot of thiungs can be endangered.

Let's look at the positive side of things... The major ones actually.

Cool Features of Whatsapp - Why it's the King of all Chatting Applications!

1. File sending capability:
This was newly added and it's such a cool feature. In the past, to send a document like pdf, you may be forced to use special softwares/apps like dropbox[notactually sending though, just uploading]. So, that's a great one from the whatsapp team. Believe me, this very feature will save serious costs of file transfer.

2. Group chat:
Equally very useful tool provided by whatsapp to communicate seamlessly to a particular group of people super fast and very easily too. No more newsletters if you choose it that way and with the recent increase opf possible memberds from 100 to 256, wow, you know the rest.

3. Whatsapp Call:
I am personally very grateful to the whatsapp team for this very faeture ehich i have used, confirmed and rated. All you got to do is subscribe to a decent data plan and enjoy whatsapp call.Saves call cost and all though whatsapp call is not great in bad network.

4. Video Call:
not yet available as at the time of writing this message but am sure many people are patiently waiting for whatsapp to bring this feature to the game. this will be the greatest whatsapp feature of all time as far as am concerned.

5. Low Data Cost:
I really need to include this one. Just like 2go, it's almost free to use whatsapp and even if you want to subscribe to whatsapp data plan to make sure you never go offline, you can do this super comfortably at the cheapest price evr accross all NETWORKS.
Check : Airtel Whatsapp free mb data + codes to check whatsapp data balance
Truly, is there any other application as useful as whatsapp?
To some people, not even FAcebook!

Whatsapp Download

Wanna Download Whatsapp?

Android: Go to playstore

iOs: Head to apple store

Windows: Go to App store

There is yet much to be said about this wonder application but i'll give the microphone over to you right now.
What's your say about whatsapp?
Like OR hate?
What don't you like?
what's your favourite feature?
What are you expecting from whatsapp next?
What do you wish to be removed?

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precious US ...487 days ago
Oya, let's talk about WHATSAPP...

Simple rule, everyone must comment!
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